Rewind Festival

Service provided: Concessions

The brief: Full concessions management service (food & market) for all Rewind Festival Scotland 2019, Rewind Festival North 2019 and Rewind Festival South 2019

The solution: To source food and market concessions relevant to the Rewind Festival crowd and provide an onsite team for each event. Based on feedback and limited documentation from the previous supplier we worked out an appropriate number of concessions to service customers, whilst being profitable for both the festival and the stall holders. We worked closely with Site Management regarding improved trader locations where possible.

Working with the Victorious Events Team to deliver our food and market concessions at Rewind Festivals, was an absolute pleasure.

Not only did we have our most varied array of food offerings to date (and the happy customers that brings!) but their level of participation in our advance planning, their professionalism on site and their desire to make each event better than the last was such a breath of fresh air.

I would wholeheartedly recommend working with this team again; they were a complete asset to our festival team.

Katherine Lingard – Rewind Festival