Y Not Festival

Service provided: Concessions

The brief: Full concessions management service (food & market) for Y Not Festival 2022

The solution: Provide a ‘start-to-finish’ food and market concessions service and onsite team. This was Y Not Festival’s first year under new management, with a new layout and increased capacity – so a fresh concession acquirement was needed. We worked on procuring enough concessions to deal with the prospective numbers, alongside building important trading relationships and feedback for future years. The team were on site for concession accreditation, load-in and out, as well as to deal with any concession-related information or matters.

Victorious Events provided a whole host of traders for our 2022 event. The variety and breath of these was mind blowing.

Not only did they provide our customers with fantastic food and garments they also served to enhance the atmosphere and help turn our festival into a multicultural, exciting and enchanting environment.

The team worked tirelessly with us and were a great support to us whenever we needed it, they dealt with issues in their own area succinctly and comprehensively and only escalated issues that needed to be escalated to us.

Their positive attitudes and sunny dispositions were also a breath of fresh air and made them a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them and look forward to working with them in the future. They are an asset to any event.

Jason Oakley, Y Not Festival / Count of Ten